How are we to live?

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Below is a couple of paragraphs  from the book “The Babylon Code”, written by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson.  It was a great read and I can’t recommend it enough.  This echoes the earlier post by Jim Torres on “how about others?”

“How are we to live?

In light of this, the questions that should be asked are, “What are we to do?” and “How are we to live?”

Clearly as long as the church is on the earth, God has a destiny for us to fulfill.  That destiny can be fulfilled in one word: faithfulness. Our responsibility is to be faithful to God’s Word and directives.  The church is the body of Christ, or the Bride of Christ, which is supernaturally composed of all true believers in Jesus who have received salvation by faith in Christ and have the Holy Spirit living inside them.

In the Old Testament, we see how God placed the prophet Daniel among the most powerful occult forces on earth in the courts of the king of Babylon. Daniel’s relationship with the elite occult power center was not confrontational. Daniel did not call them names or denounce them. Daniel walked with God and allowed God to supernaturally move through him.

In the Old Testament, Joseph was called to the be second in command under the pharaoh of Egypt.  The courts of the pharaoh were also the highest centers of occult power on earth.  Joseph did not get in a confrontation with the pharaoh but walked with God, and God supernaturally used him to help God’s people and demonstrate the reality of God’s existence.

Many Christians falsely believe they are called to denounce and engage in all out confrontation with the occult elite. But that is not what Daniel, Joseph, or even Jesus did, except of very specific occasions.  The battle we are in is a spiritual one, and we are to use spiritual weapons.  This is what Moses had to learn as a deliverer of God’s people.  God was not calling him to lead a military-style revolution, but to rely on the power of God.

The call that every person who believes in God has at this time is to obey the Word of God, rely on the power of the Holy Spirit and use the spiritual weapons God has given us such as prayer, repentance, worship, and evangelism.”


I needed to read that several times, because I can easily be angered by what I see going on in this country.  It was a good reminder for me,  and the authors hit home in another paragraph

“The reality is that every believer is in the world, but not spiritually of the world, because heaven is our true home.  But in the world, or the world system, we must be faithful to God”

So go out and get the book!