Hurricane Irma

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Dear Loved one, Friend and Neighbor,

Regarding hurricane Irma, Governor Rick Scott has issued a storm warning for all of Florida since certain trajectories of its path have us in the very eye of this huge and dangerous storm.

This flyer/letter is to inform you of the impending storm headed our way within the next few days. Hurricane “Irma” is already a category 4 storm battering the Caribbean Islands and is headed our way. Although America as a whole is getting what it deserves for displeasing our Creator, now is the time to repent and seek His Face, asking that He forgive us of our sins of willful disobedience, apathy /or for not acknowledging His very existence – and for not thanking Him for our many blessings.

If ever there was a time to reflect on these matters it is now. If you don’t know how to pray, this prayer may be a good one to start with.

“Father in heaven, forgive me of my sins and disobedience toward you.  I turn to you in this time of need, asking that you protect my loved ones and me in this time of trouble.  I humbly ask this of you precious and Holy Father – in Jesus name, Amen.”“For there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus” If you are a Christian then I might suggest that you forward this letter to your loved ones, friends and neighbors here in Florida and along the coast as far away as New York.


The above was the letter Jim sent to me.  I will combine his message and mine below, since it is timely and better than two separate posts.

The Biggest Miracle

Perhaps one of the biggest miracles in the Old Testament is in the Book of Jonah. And it wasn’t the big fish story! God called Jonah to minister to Nineveh, which had served as the capital of the world for several centuries. It was the enemy of Israel, and Jonah was not attracted to the assignment until God explained it to him a bit more clearly!

And when he finally did go there, he didn’t present a polished, “seeker friendly” sermon! God had declared that they were 40 days from being destroyed. Jonah went through town proclaiming, “Forty days and you get yours!”

He was hoping they would get wiped out. In fact, his biggest fear was that God might spare them (he went up on a hill and pouted when God did spare them).

It is interesting that Jonah didn’t preach repentance. He simply announced their impending doom. It is astonishing to realize that within those 40 days, the king speculated that, just maybe, if they repented God might change His mind. They did, and God did. From the king on down, they put on sack-cloth (the traditional ritual for repentance). They even put sackcloth on the cattle!

The repentance of Nineveh is astonishing when you think about it. Forty days from “ground zero.” And they were given another century…

(Posted from an article by Chuck Missler on titled – Jonah, Nahum, & Obadiah)