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By Jim “Towers”


The year was 1971. My new wife Caroline had just begun working at MGM Studios in Hollywood California. She hadn’t even gotten her first paycheck yet and the rent was due. Why hadn’t God answered my prayers for work?

I was a SAG union film actor who had been a “born again” Christian for six years, and I was desperate for work. I had prayed earnestly and fervently for a job – to no avail, although looking back, it was only because the Christmas holidays were upon us. Not having worked for over a month, I was deeply agitated.

Since God wasn’t answering my earnest and fervent prayers for work or some sort of miracle, I had been to the public library seeking other man made answers to my dilemma. When I got home I threw my library books on the coffee table of our small apartment – books with titles like “Think and Grow Rich”, “Psycho Cybernetics”, and “The Power of Positive Thinking”. I was all alone, or so I thought.

Being deeply distraught, I had finally had enough of God’s silent treatment that I fell to my knees and looking upward, I shouted out in fierce anger at our Creator. Letting all of the pent up anger spill out, I hollered “Are you real or not”!?…. The words came out like a flood, “Why don’t you answer my prayers!?” I ranted, scolded, blubbered, and grumbled, for several minutes. Then I finally whimpered “I’m sorry” with deep humility and with hot tears finally streaming from my eyes.

Then BANG, it happened, a vision appeared before me, it was about 15 inches in front of my face, it was of a foundation stone ……………….When it ended I laid face down on the carpeted floor, thinking I must have gone mad….Then I heard God’s voice telling me to……

Before I tell you about the vision and the message it contained I want you to know that my objective in writing this book is that you might do some serious thinking about the things of God and to consider seeking Him out so that you too might experience Him in your own unique way.

Also I will, recount some of the many miracles I’ve experienced in over forty years of evangelical ministry to countless others on the streets of Hollywood and Miami. I will tell you about some of the miracles that led up to it and how from that time forward I evolved into the radical evangelical Christian man that I am today. As a result of studying the Bible, and Bible prophecy more intimately during those same years, (since I now knew God was more real than I had ever imagined). I will also tell you about the prophetic signs and wonders and warnings happening in the world today.

I also want you to know that I’m only a sinner saved by grace and that I’m just as human as the next man. Albeit, I’m not one of those who flippantly says, “God told me so and so” every time you see them. In fact, I’ve only had God speak to me audibly once and only heard His Sons voice this year. I’m not seeking notoriety or recognition since I am satisfied with being a drug free person, who’s never so much as smoked joint, a non drinker and non smoker and have even had accolades and a standing ovation in my line of work. I don’t have a need for recognition and have even considered using a pseudonym for the authorship of this book.

After seeing the vision of our Savior Christ Jesus over forty years ago I have no doubt about the existence of God – especially since God spoke to me audibly, nor do I have any doubt about the existence of the “evil one” known as Satan. As the God of the Universe says in his Word, “If you draw close to me I will draw close to you and show you mighty things that you know not of.”

Admittedly, I’ve become a radical Christian, (especially after experiencing God and the supernatural in such a profound way) ardent Bible student and news junkie who’s given my life over to attempting to do God’s bidding to this very day by writing for two Christian websites,- dropzonedelta.com and raptureready.com and sharing Christ with others. I’m also attempting to get a movie made based on the events in this book.

Insofar as prophecy is concerned, It could be that we are approaching the Last Days that Jesus spoke of and is written about in the book of Joel, “In the last days I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall have visions…..” Indeed biblical prophecy is being fulfilled at an alarming rate even as we speak. It’s like a freight train out of control barreling through our beloved country and the world at large. This begs the question, are we the terminal generation? And if we are, what can we do about it, and how do we prepare for the days ahead.

My hope is that by telling about these extraordinary events I will strengthen the brethren, give hope to the reader and enlighten those who are still seeking God’s face in these apocalyptic times.

By the way, my second vision appeared this year at the death of my beloved brother. Those were the only two times I had a vision of Christ Jesus, and heard His voice as well when He turned to my brother who was standing by His side marveling at the beauty of his surroundings and asked, “Do you want to say something to your brother?