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There was a time when anyone who wrote a book such as this would be considered nuts. But with so much uncertainty in the world people are seeking higher truths that they know are there but have been too busy to explore. Now with time running out for our country and the world there is nothing to lose by doing so. I’ve kept these things to myself for too long and only recently began writing about them in my screenplay The Prophecies 2016 and now, in this book as well.

Insofar as the screenplay is concerned I recently inserted the year 2016 in the title of it feeling that this would be a pivotal year for America and the world at large, and it looks as if it is especially as it pertains to the political scene.

That being said and in light of world events I believe I have something to say about them since I’ve been diligently studying Holy Scripture and Bible Prophecy for over forty years and have experienced and known of others who have had mind bending miracles, and seen signs and wonders that can be verified. Think back over your life, you may be one of them and over time you may have discounted the event due to other more pressing issues pertaining to life.

Today, I write for two Christian websites, Rapture Ready and Drop Zone Delta dedicated to reaching the country’s military. Still, I’ve never mentioned the otherworldly experiences I’ve had. I was apprehensive about opening up this can of worms to the reading public. Nevertheless, with time running out I am ready to face the consequences of divulging these truths along with other signs and wonders happening around the world.

At first I thought my movie The Prophecies 2016 would stand on its own, but in finishing the screenplay I realized that there was much more to say about the subject of miracles and the supernatural, as pertains to scripture. And so I began writing this accompanying book to go along with it. The movie would only touch on the highlights and be written in a movie format with about 125 pages in all. The book on the other hand should fill about 250 pages in all, with much more information.

Also, in order to make the movie entertaining there are liberties that must be taken in character and story Development whereas this book would be strictly non- fiction.
People everywhere have a “feeling” that something is going to happen soon and nothing is going to stop it from happening. They can only speculate what it might be and so await it with abated breath. Since a very small portion of humanity has ever studied the Bible in earnest (even though it sits in virtually every home in the United States) – which is my primary concern. We have made our bed and now we must lie in it – experiencing the nightmares that go along with un- certainty,

The Bible is rife with Signs and Wonders from the times of the ancient Prophets of God until the time of the Apostles. Now, we too are being subjected to these same Signs and Wonders with additional signs called Portents (warnings) to be seen in the skies plus extreme earthquake activity all across the globe.

I can see where you might have the tendency to say, who is this guy? What institution of higher learning did he attend? Is there a higher learning than that taught only by God himself? Not to disparage the institutions of higher learning, but I am convinced that many are nothing more than a place to socialize and become a non believing atheist. Many of these book taught preachers and theologians are stuck in the rut of not knowing what to believe anymore and have abandoned the faith because they have not experienced God first hand.
I’ve been an avid reader since childhood and after my first encounter with God in my mid – twenties I became a “born again” Christian. This otherworldly transformation led to my career in films and becoming a writer as well, especially as it pertains to prophecy being fulfilled in these end times. Just so you know, I’ve never used drugs of any kind except an occasional dose of aspirin, and I don’t even know what a joint (marijuana) tastes like. I’ve always excelled in sports and like to stay healthy and trim and belong to a Fitness Center that I visit every other day.

Having said that, I now let the chips fall where they may.