Pope faces Mexicans worshiping skeletal ‘Death Saint’

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This is on top of another article that speaks of the Pope unleashing “Super Confessors” to tackle special sins, that normally only the “Pope” could absolve! “supper confessors link”.  These people are lost, and led astray.  Religion is mans attempt to reconcile himself to God.

The impact of Romans on world history is unequalled by any other
book of the Bible. The years a.d. 590 – 1517 are known as “The Dark
Ages”; during this time, the grace of God was nearly obscured. The
early church understood the grace of God, but grace gradually eroded
into forms of legalism… The reemergence of an awareness of the grace
of God led to the Reformation. Chuck Missler study of Romans

Is it any wonder that the catholics are worshiping some so called “death saint”? They don’t study the Bible, in fact for hundreds of years the church tried to destroy copies of the bibles, on the grounds of “Heretical interpretations”.  Sadly, they wanted to keep it for themselves and out of the reach of the common man.  Now it is only the Church that can interpret the Bible, us peons can not.  So with lack of Truth you get what we have here.  Again from Misslers study of the book of Romans comes this analysis. “Incorruptibility is the essence of God’s being. This foolishness is demonstrated by the worship of idols as gods in the forms of people and animals (cf. Rom 1:25). The more you reflect upon the infinite glory and majesty of the eternal God, the more hideous will the unspeakable insult to Him of any kind of idolatry appear. The ultimate irony in humanity’s refusal to glorify the true God is the insanity or stupidity of idolatry described in Isaiah 44:9-20, the worship of gods who are not and the demons who are.

Man’s refusal to acknowledge and glorify God leads to a downward path: first, worthless thinking; next, moral insensitivity; and then, religious stupidity as seen in idol-worship. When the knowledge of the true and Living God is refused, false gods inevitably fill the vacuum”.


Pope faces Mexicans worshiping skeletal ‘Death Saint’

Tultitlán (Mexico) (AFP) – Two weeks after baptizing her at a Catholic church, baby Adriana’s parents put her in a white gown again for a second sacrament: This time, with Mexico’s skeletal “Death Saint.”

 As they held the sleepy three-month-old child, a priestess sprinkled holy water infused with rose petals on her in front of 300 people under a 22-meter (72-foot) statue of the Grim Reaper-like “Santa Muerte” in a Mexico City suburb.

When Pope Francis arrives in Mexico for a five-day visit on Friday, he will find a country where devotion to Santa Muerte is growing fast despite the Vatican’s rejection of the figure as blasphemous.

Every Sunday, a big crowd comes to Enriqueta Vargas’ outdoor temple in Tultitlan to pray in front of the black fiber-glass statue, which was erected in 2007 in a lot and can be seen from a busy boulevard.

They leave tequila, candy and flowers at six chapels, where they pray for love, money or health. Vargas has gone a step further than at other Santa Muerte shrines in Mexico by officiating over weddings and baptisms.

Link to the rest of the skeletal “death saint” story

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    Where in the bible, does it say we should bow down to a statue?

    • Thank you. You are correct, it never does.