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By Jim Towers

Friday 9/8/2017

The long lines at the gas stations have all but diminished since most stations are completely out of gasoline. Those getting out of Dodge have left and others are continuing to leave. Home Depot and Lowe’s are sold out of plywood, gas cans and tarps.

Three gasoline tankers are arriving in Tampa soon on the orders of Governor Rick Scott. They will have military escorts as some frustrated people are beginning to quarrel and fight over gasoline at the very few stations that have some left. The line of cars on I75 on the west coast and I 95 on the East coast are beginning to swell exponentially and soon those highways may be clogged.

Within the next couple of days things will become chaotic in South Florida as the storm approaches. We have a lot of elderly people here, to say nothing of invalids and of course single mothers and young children. Already people are dying out on the Caribbean Islands.

I was going to make a run for it but I’ve decided to ride out the storm since I’m healthy and strong, and have an inflatable raft as well as a new chain saw. Since so many people are staying for one reason or another, some may eventually need help. I’ve also contacted my closest neighbors offering a hand to put up shutters.

In any case, isn’t that what Christianity is all about? “Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself.”


I may chronicle some of the activity on video as time goes on and have already begun taking pictures of the already saturated areas due to summer rains.



Even as I write this information at 2:21 EST. Southern Mexico has been rocked by a massive 8.1earthquake causing buildings to sway and being felt as far away as Guatemala. There may be casualties but this just happened and I just read the headlines.

With 2 other hurricanes waiting in the wings it makes a person wonder if we are entering a time of judgment. (Luke 21:25)

I read where a woman said she would like to crawl into a cave to get away from it all on Face book. That’s exactly what the scriptures say will happen with the seas roaring (Isaiah 2:19) and earthquakes happening in many places.


Jim Towers