Where’s the feminist outrage over ISIS’s savage treatment of women?

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Why would any woman who lives in a free society in the West choose to live under ISIS’s barbaric tyranny? Doesn’t she know that Syrian and Iraqi women (Muslims, Christians, Yazidis, Kurds) are desperate to flee the region, that they fear being captured, forcibly married, forcibly converted to Islam—or tortured as sex slaves?

I ask these questions because the Washington Post is currently running an in-depth look at “Life in the ‘Islamic State.’” Part two of the multi-part series focuses on women. The report is chilling and difficult to read.

The Post’s series reminds us that not all women are treated the same way under the men in charge of ISIS. — There are wives and then there are literally sex slaves.

Tragically, we already know the fate of the lucky “wives.” They lead isolated lives spent mostly indoors without electricity or clean water. They wear heavy head-face-and-body covering in 100 degree weather–and they are monitored, harassed, and punished by a sadistic all-female brigade if their burqa slips. According to the Post they join “an institutionalized, near-assembly-line system to provide fighters with sex and children. When their (arranged marriage) husbands are killed, they are expected to celebrate their ‘martyrdom’ and quickly marry other fighters.”

The sex slaves are not even this “lucky.” The mainly Yazidi and Christian girls and women who are forced into sex slavery are raped up to thirty times a day by different men. They are forced to perform pornography-inspired acts which terrify and injure them. As members of a shame-and-honor tribal culture, most believe that they no longer deserve to live. Many attempt suicide; some succeed. Many are sold, over and over again—and trafficked to Saudi Arabia or Northern Africa.

Why would any Western woman, any woman for that matter, want to join ISIS, you ask?

Here are three reasons:

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Great article by Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D  her archived work is http://www.phyllis-chesler.com/